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Wood Floor Installation

Hardwood flooring is a broad term that can be used to describe many different types of wooden flooring. This page concentrates particularly on wood plank and wood strip flooring, if you would like to view our Parquet Flooring, just click this link.

Even within the categories of Wood Plank and Wood Strip Floors there can be huge variations, from widths, lengths and thicknesses to different wood species and finishes. The vast array of options ensures you can always personalise your floor, and with helpful guidance from us, together we will not just pick a floor that looks beautiful, but also one that enhances the natural space in the room.


Historically, solid wood has been the favoured choice for wood floor installation.  However, advances in technology have allowed the production of "Engineered Wood Flooring" to become a viable option. This process, whereby a solid wood layer is glued to a plywood base, while this does reduce the maximum wear layer on top it does help to not just conserve the expensive raw materials but also improve the structural integrity of the natural wood, and improve its resistance to the effects of underfloor heating.

There are many different species of wood used throughout hardwood floor installation, more common woods include, Oak, Maple, Merbau, Pine, Beech, and Walnut. Although some hardwoods are now unavailable as they have been placed on the endangered species list, there are many other exotic woods that can be used to create beautiful wooden floors. More recently, Bamboo flooring has become popular due to the fact that it shares many of its properties with its hardwood alternatives but is seen to be a more sustainable option.


We would always recommend hiring a trained professional to fit and finish your hardwood floor. A  highly skilled DIY'er may be able to fit a floor but the 30+ years of experience that Cooney & Sons Ltd has in the floor laying industry ensures that our workmanship and the overall effect of the floor will always be superior. Unfortunately, some people still make the mistake of spending hundreds if not thousands on materials and then get their floor fitted as cheaply as possible only to be disappointed with the result.

Our installation process can vary from floor to floor, but rest assured we will always pick the best option for you. If you would like to find out more about installing a new floor or have an old floor in need of restoration just give us a call on
01759 301570.

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