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Parquet Flooring

The term parquet flooring dates back to the XVII century and owes its origins to the old French word "parchet". Traditionally, parquet blocks would have been made almost exclusively from solid oak, however, over time other species of woods have been used, including Merbau, Walnut, Maple, Iroko and Wenge, Wenge is also commonly used as an inlay around the border. Although it is rare to find new Mahogany blocks, in the past it was used to create more expensive parquet floors and if you are fortunate enough to come across old blocks then we can restore them to their former glory.

Historically, parquet blocks would have been made from solid wood, however, as technology and machining has advanced it is now possible for blocks to be engineered. These blocks utilise the chosen solid hardwood as a top wear layer which is then glued on to a plywood base. Not only does this enhance the materials tolerance to underfloor heating, it also helps to conserve the 'solid wood'. The overall effect of the engineered boards is usually very similar to that of the solid wood.

Currently, the herringbone pattern is the most popular style of parquet flooring. However, there a number of other patterns that can also be used, including, double herringbone, basket weave, brick pattern, and becoming popular recently, chevrons. More intricate designs, such as Motifs and Versailles panels are also available.

We must stress, laying a parquet floor is most definitely a job for the professionals, a great deal of skill and care is needed in order to achieve a high quality finish. Cooney & Sons Ltd have many years experience laying new parquet flooring and are experts in the full restoration process, including the repair, sanding and sealing of old parquet floors, restoring their natural beauty.

If you would like more information about the work we do or have an old floor in need of restoration just give us a call on
01759 301570.

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